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Hughes process all our mulch, ensuring that all of our mulch products are properly shredded, aged and composted to provide a quality finished product for your landscaping needs. We offer both hardwood, and colorized mulch in 4 different colors.

Colorized & Hardwood Mulch
Color Enhanced (per cu. yard)$34
Hardwood (per cu. yard)$20
Playground (per cu. yard)$32

Large truck delivers 11-25/30 yards
of mulch or 5-12 yards of soil.

Small truck delivers 3-10 yards of mulch
or 3-5 yards of soil.

Hughes Landing PadTM Playground Mulch

Hughes Mulch is proud to be a member of IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association), and offer certified IPEMA Playground Mulch. To be an IPEMA certified product, our Playground Mulch has passed IPEMA’s independent ASTM research tests for head impact safety, appropriate size, lack of any toxins and lack of metals. These tests are conducted annually to keep IPEMA certification and to ensure superior quality and safety. Improving playground safety is a core mission of IPEMA. We are proud to play a role in this continuing process, because many of us are parents ourselves, and also want to know our kids are safe on the playground. Please visit to learn more about playground safety certification and standards.


Hughes Playground Mulch installation & Maintenance – PDF



Mulch Coverage Per Cubic Yard
Depth of Mulch (Inches)Coverage (Square Feet)
2"162 sq. ft
3"108 sq. ft
4"81 sq. ft
5"65 sq. ft
6"54 sq. ft

Playground Mulch Coverage
Per Cubic Yard

Depth of Mulch (Inches)Coverage (Square Feet)
14"23 sq. ft


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